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Thinner Matrix

The next phase in evolution.

Phase #2 was formulated to be used after an 8 week cycle of THINNER MATRIX. It will continue burning fat for 6 weeks, it will continue to suppress your appetite and have thermogenic functions all while slowing down your thyroid function to normal levels and receptors are reset to allow you to use Thinner Matrix for continuing cycles.

*Results using PHASE#2 varie from persons age, diet and excersize frequency.


The one that started it all.

thinner matrix fat burner

Thinner Matrix is a revolutionary way to burn all unwanted fat, with zero side affects. Our product will regulate your own hormonal levels naturally by making your thyroid gland process your food faster and more efficently, and at the same time not allowing your body to store fat while burning fat you already have. And the best part about it, if you havent found time to diet well or excersize, you will still burn fat, specifically at the waistline. This is the fat burner you've been waiting for.

Miguel Ruiz

Founder & CEO of Thinner Matrix


An explosion in every scoop.

Thinner Matrix Thinner leaner harder
Key Components

Boost Metabolism

Using your body's fat  which turns to energy

All Natural

Made with all natural ingredients

Increase Testosterone

Helps build muscle and burn fat.

ZERO stimulants

No involuntary nervous system reactions

Estrogen Suppressant

For both men and women.

Burn Fat 

Targets  fat, especially your waist line.


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Thinner Matrix

Start losing weight. Now.


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